The Daily Skin Care Essential You’re Missing!

Are you experiencing dry skin, more wrinkles or a darker skin tone that doesn’t match your foundation? We know something that may be missing in your skin care routine. Get the deets!

The Missing Link
If you’re a skin care junkie like us, you’re diligent about your daily skin care routine, pamper your skin with masks and use SPF when you’re out in the sun. But something could be hampering your way to jaw-droppingly beautiful skin – not wearing sunscreen on cloudy days. Yes, that’s right, on cloudy days!

Clouds Can Block the Sun - but They Don’t Block All UV Rays!
UV rays go through the clouds and reach your skin even on cloudy days and according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, UV rays are one of the main causes of skin ageing. So, even if you’re just lying in the shade reading your favourite book, you may still be at risk of getting wrinkles, dark spots and skin cancer - so don’t forget that SPF!

A Good Base for Make-up
Now, if you think that using sunscreen is a hassle because it makes your make-up glide off, or is too thick to use as a base, you may be using the wrong kind! There are sunscreens with lighter textures that are easily absorbed by the skin, leave a great base for make-up and keep you safe whatever the weather! In the image above, I tested Optimals Multi-Protection Urban Uv Day Shield SPF 30 with The One Everlasting Foundation in Fair Porcelain, and as you can see, they worked really well together, leaving a smooth hydrated finish.

Words by: Photographs by: Oriflame