Beauty Science – the Cleansing Device Hype Is Here to Stay

The latest beauty trend is a tech-savvy product that millions of A-listers already swear by. But what’s the secret and how does it really work?

We all want healthy looking skin, and it’s not exactly news that this requires a consistent and carefully planned cleansing routine. The latest favourite beauty regimen of both A-listers and beauty editors is not fluid-based – it is a face-cleansing tool that glides over the skin with rotating movements. Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Jake Gyllenhaal are fans together with millions of people world wide who have learned that you can get healthy looking skin quickly and more effectively with this new uber hyped beauty tool.


The simple answer is that well cleansed skin is better prepared and primed for whatever treatment products are applied after. Your skin products will better absorbed and will easily deliver their active ingredients deeper in your skin after using the cleansing device. This of course leads to lessening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


A cleansing device works gently and effectively removing dirt, makeup, dead skin cells and deep seated impurities from pores. But not only does a cleansing device clean the skin it also massages and stimulates the blood circulation giving the skin a beautiful radiant glow. The cleansing routine takes only 1 minute but has been clinically proven to give users noticeably more radiant skin and less visible pores in only a few weeks. Hello luminous and refined complexion!

As more people obtain healthy, dewy skin tones with a salon-worthy results at home, it’s obvious that there is a steadfast competitor on the market. 

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