Skin Brightening Explained

No matter your age or skin colour, hyperpigmentation can affect your complexion and your confidence. Today there’s a whole host of skin brightening products available to target discolouration, but how do they work and what exactly do they do? We spoke to Oriflame skin care expert Melina Galeadi to find out.

How do skin brighteners work?
Skin lightening creams are designed to reduce skin discolouration caused by sun exposure, age, disease or acne scarring.

Skin colouration is a result of melanin distribution on the skin. Melanin is produced by specialised skin cells called melanocytes; the more melanin produced, the darker your skin tone.   

Skin brighteners do the following: They reduce melanin production in melanocytes, correct skin tone and treat visible dark spots. These products target discoloured areas where melanin is more prominent and prevent future dark spot formation. 

Who should use skin brightening products?
Skin brighteners can be used by anyone experiencing hyperpigmentation or skin discolouration. You can experience this concern at any age, but as you get older the problem may become more pronounced. As an even skin tone is associated with younger looking skin, skin brightening products may feel of relevance to people with anti-ageing requirements. 

"Skin brighteners correct skin tone, target discoloured areas and prevent future dark spot formation"

What is the difference between skin brightening and skin bleaching products?
The end result is similar; they both lighten your skin colour. But it’s the active ingredient, which causes the whitening effect that differentiates them. There are a number of actives that have been banned from the European Union due to their harshness and unpleasant side effects. The aim of skin brightening products is to create a uniform look via agents that correct skin tone, whilst respecting the skin’s balance. 

Should you combine skin brighteners with other products for maximum efficacy?
When you select and use products, it’s always recommended to first establish your main skin care concern. If it’s hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, then you should select products that address these concerns. If you have an additional concern that you wish to address, then it’s fine to combine products that target these too. The most important prevention method for discolouration is to avoid sun exposure all together.

What’s your favourite skin brightening product and why?
The Ecollagen White range, as it combines brightening and anti-ageing properties! 

Words by: Photographs by: Shutterstock