Skin Bounce Explained

Ever wondered why loss of firmness makes skin look older or how you can achieve that youthful bounce again? We have the answer (and the solution!). Keep reading to learn why skin sags with age and how our scientific breakthrough AspartoLift will help.

Our science lies in the fibroblast cells within the skin’s dermis, which synthesise elastin. In our youth, fibroblasts are flexible and effectively produce all the elastin we need to keep our skin supple and bouncy. Chronological ageing and photo damage make the cells rigid. Rigid fibroblasts cannot synthesise elastin efficiently, and when elastin production is reduced our skin loses its firmness and our contours become less defined.

Skin bounce is the ability of the skin, when stretched, to bounce back and recover to its original, relaxed position. When the skin’s elasticity diminishes as a result of genetic and lifestyle factors, our skin’s bounciness diminishes too – instead of springing back immediately, it recovers more slowly.

In our clinical tests, we measured the skin bounce of the women in the panel, before and after using NovAge Ultimate Lift. We did this by using a cutting-edge device called Dynaskin, which shoots a fast, fine jet of high pressure air onto the skin and simultaneously performs high precision measurements of the skin’s movement from start to recovery.

After using NovAge Ultimate Lift for 12 weeks, the skin of the women in the panel was able to bounce back by as much as 70% faster than before treatment†1.

The main component of our incredible patented AspartoLift technology is an Aspartic Acid derivative. Aspartic Acid is an essential amino acid found naturally in foods such as grains, seeds, nuts and legumes. It is used by the body to, among other things, keep our skin cells active and healthy.

When our Skin Research Scientists treated rigid fibroblasts in the lab with the AspartoLift technology, it restored their flexibility, which enables them to synthesise elastin more efficiently – as efficiently as cells 20 years younger◊! What’s more, the powerful action of AspartoLift was comparable to Retinol, without any discomfort.

†1 Clinically tested using serum, day and night cream
◊ In vitro

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images