Oral Skin Supplements – Hot or Hype?

From ceramides to antioxidants to collagen, oral skin supplements are just about everywhere right now. Want to know whether they’re worth splashing your hard-earned cash on? We did! So we asked one of our Wellness experts, Caroline Cummins, and this is what she had to say!

Q: There’s a big trend for oral skin supplements right now! Why is that?
A: Good nutrition is the foundation of healthy skin. So eating a balanced diet full of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, phytochemicals and antioxidants is essential for skin health. In fact, the first signs of nutritional deficiencies can often manifest as skin problems and a dull complexion. As we live longer, people are looking to support healthy skin from the inside out. Research on ingredients with hydrating, collagen-forming and wrinkle-reducing capabilities has excelled in recent years. The beauty from within trend is set to keep growing!

Q: Surely I don’t need an oral skin supplement if I follow a topical skin care routine?
A: To support a healthy, balanced diet and take a more holistic approach to ‘feeding your skin’ from within, oral supplements are actually a great way to complement your topical skin care routine.

Q: But do oral skin supplements really work? Is there any scientific evidence?
A: Supplements promise lots of different benefits. Some ingredients are supported by stronger scientific research than others so it’s best to choose a supplement that is backed by a clinical trial. That means the results have been scientifically evaluated. Products developed for the skin barrier are a good place to start. A healthy skin barrier plays a vital role in protecting the body from the environment and locking in moisture to keep the skin naturally smooth and radiant.

Q: There are a lot of different oral supplements – how do I choose?
It is best to choose a supplement that has been backed by clinical trials – look out for ingredients backed by a RCT (randomised clinical trial) as this is considered to be the gold standard.

Q: Wellness by Oriflame offers a Hair & Nails Complex – are there any plans to launch a skin supplement?
A: Yes! Watch out for something exciting coming in Catalogue 15 – ask your Wellness consultant!

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