How to Combat Dry Skin

Many reasons for dry, itchy skin are out of our control. But the solutions aren’t! Here are our best tips and tricks for how to keep your skin moisturised as temperatures drop.

Don’t shower too hot
A steamy shower feels good, but the hot water is bad for dry skin. It strips your skin of its natural oil barrier – a barrier you need to retain moisture and keep your skin smooth. So get in the habit of turning down the temperature a few degrees and don't stay too long in the shower.

Use the right products
There’s a whole new generation of moisturisers and skin products available for dry skin, so make sure you pick wisely! Look for mild cleansers and lotions made with petroleum jelly and natural ingredients like glycerine. Watery, scented lotions are practically useless for dry skin – what you need is a moisturizer that's thick and heavy.

Editors tip: For small dry patches you can use Tender Care Protective Balm. It contains petroleum jelly, which helps to alleviate the dryness and quickly adds moisture to your skin!

Eat the right foods
Moisturise your skin from the inside! Essential fatty acids can boost the skin’s natural oil retaining barriers. This means that eating foods or supplements high in omega-3 can help you combat dry skin from within.

Take the overnight cure.
When nothing seems to help - an overnight cure may be the answer! First, take a long bath in lukewarm water. We’re talking long enough to make your fingers go all wrinkly like prunes. Then get out of the tub and pat yourself semi-dry with a soft towel. Last, but not least, apply a thick layer of body oil. This can get a little messy, so we suggest you use an old pyjamas and sheets. Then go to bed. Your skin will feel remarkably different when you wake up the next morning!

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images