How Miracle Oils Can Improve Our Beauty and Wellbeing

Researchers, health gurus and beauty addicts stand united: Omega-3 fatty acids can work wonders with both our health and looks. Want to learn more about this wonder oil? So did we.

First of all, what are Omega-3s? Simply put they are essential fatty acids that are often referred to as good fats because they provide us with amazing health benefits. They are essential because we cannot produce these fatty acids on our own; thus we must obtain them through our diets. Benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids include improved mental and physical health; comprising healthier hearts and allegedly sharper brains. Omega-3s are even said to improve cholesterol levels and conditions like coronary heart disease, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Good news for the beauty geeks amongst us is that, in addition to making you feel better and healthier, Omega-3s could also improve your appearance in a much more tangible fashion. Not unlike an oil-based, high quality facial cream or serum, Omega-3s have nourishing and smoothing qualities, which could give a plumper and more refined skin texture; and hence encourage healthier and younger looking complexion. However, different from a facial moisturiser, which, upon application, has to penetrate the top epidermal layers, the Omega-3s that we receive from our food truly work from the inside and out, for a more thorough and lasting effect.

While there are plenty of healthy and delicious sources of Omega-3 available in the local supermarket, it could sometimes be difficult to incorporate enough of the vital fats in your daily diet (nuts, seeds green vegetables, fish, shellfish and algaes contain the most). A safe, simple and effective alternative is to get your hands on a high performing supplement. Popping two capsules a day secures a sufficient daily intake of Omega-3s, in a fuss free, no stress fashion; and guarantees you nutrients of the highest and purest quality.

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images