How Scents Can Change Our Moods

When it comes to creating a mood, looks aren’t everything. The right or wrong aroma can instantly set a scene or alter a perception… So how do we use the power of scent in our daily lives?

Some scents, vanilla and rose in particular, are almost universally liked. They both act as relaxing mood enhancers. These pleasant smells improve our mood but also sometimes impair our judgment. Certain studies even show that the presence of a pleasant smell increased the amount of money people gambled at casinos. Who knew?

Certain good smells, like peppermint and lemon, are known to sharpen reasoning, improve work performance and increase alertness.

The well-known scents of home can be comforting. Dark, rich aromas can generally create a feeling of coziness. To make a room feel larger, aim for cucumber, aloe vera or citrus fragrances. For the opposite effect, opt for spicy, woodsy or sweet scents.

Smell is an essential element of attraction, especially when it comes to feeling a certain chemistry with someone. Well-known research suggests that humans subconsciously pick up on potential mates' pheromones, (hormones that can travel outside of the body and are detected through smell).

Scents that are traditionally known to increase confidence are Orchid and Sandalwood. Our best tip for her is our new Eau de Parfum called Possess -The secret of Idunn. Inspired by the Nordic goddess Idunn (goddess of immortality) this EdP is a feminine combination of apple and orchid notes, with a trail of sandalwood. For him there’s the equally powerful scent Possess the Secret Man, which recreates an Ice accord that represents the frozen lightning controlled by Thor a Nordic mythic god known as the strongest of all gods.

The lesson here: don't discount your sense of smell. Use it to your advantage!

Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images