7 wonders of the Oriflame make-up world

Here’s a fun run-down of some Oriflame classics from our make-up portfolio. Some are bestsellers, some are newcomers, but all have become firm favourites.

Many of these little wonders have been around for years and just keep getting the love, while others are relative newcomers but have gained quite a following in a short period of time.


THE ONE Wonder Lash
It has consistently been the top seller in the Oriflame make-up portfolio since its launch in 2014. A firm favourite only keeps it’s crown by being this good. It must have to do with the incredible volume, curl, separation, length and care.


OnColour Nail Polish
Apply one coat of this quick-drying nail polish for a speedy pick me up nail look, or go for two layers for a more intense and long-lasting look.


This wonder base comes packed with 10+ benefits and high SPF, it brightens, evens out skin tone and protects your skin from the sun. Apply after moisturiser and pair with a neutral lipstick shade for a nude look that lasts all day


Giordani Gold Iconic Lipstick
Luscious lipstick infused with Forget-me-Not Extract which helps to deliver 5 key benefits. It is known to nourish, protect, smooth, condition and care, for better lip suppleness and condition.


Tender Care.
As multifunctional as they come! Use Tender Care as lip gloss, brow gel or on dry skin. You can even mix it with your favourite powder products to make a cream eyeshadow or lipstick. Tender Care is the ultimate in multi-use product.


THE ONE Eyeliner Stylo
Rich in pigments and with a long-lasting result, this eyeliner is as good for a daily eyeliner fix as for a more adventurous look. THE ONE Eyeliner Stylo is enriched with Carbon Black for intense colour impact and contains polymer technology for impressive all-day wear.


Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls
Let’s finish up with another Oriflame classic! Bronzing Pearls have been a staple in our portfolio for years. The sumptuous colour and beautiful, hand finished pearls are a true wonder.

So there you have it, a whistle-stop tour around some of the most popular products in our make-up portfolio. Head over to social media and share your favourites using the hashtag #OriflameOnMe.