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According to the research of the Association of Consumers of electronic products, eight out of ten women are going to purchase any gadget soon. If you're one of them, we will be happy to help you in choosing. Let us introduce our top 5 most relevant gadgets for the modern lady. Being a woman in today's world is a difficult task. Just crazy rhythm of life: exams or projects at work, the gym to keep fit, salon to look great, and the urge to be aware of the latest movies and new music, and even from time to time to cook dinner for the family or favorite friends. But luckily for us, who lives in XXI century, there is a technology. High-tech gadgets are designed to facilitate your life, or at least save you from unnecessary stress.

There are many gadgets out there created for those who choose an active lifestyle. The most simple counts the number of steps that you go through during the day - because walking is the most accessible form of physical activity, and one of the most useful. More complex devices, such as bracelet Jawbone, track not only how much do you move, but also how much do you sleep, how many calories you burn, and aligned with the application for your smartphone helps you to plan your diet and exercise program. The next step - devices that combine GPS-navigator, heart rate monitor, altimeter, and anything else that you may need if you decide to prepare, for example, for the World Championships in orienteering.

You probably have an alarm clock. And surely you have sometimes a wish to throw it to the wall. For your sleep has always been healthy, and the morning - good, there are "smart" alarm clocks. These devices are synchronized with the phases of your sleep and wake you exactly when your body is ready for it. As a result, you wake up refreshed, in good mood and full of energy. There are many variants of these gadgets – starting with applications for smartphone and ending with antistress alarms simulating sunrise. Yes, they wake you with light - no more calls!

Do you like to cook? Good! And if not? And if you work too hard to spend time in the kitchen? And if you have a child growing up, who is already largely independent person, but doesn’t make friends with a frying pan (maybe it's for the best)? Or you live in an apartment and the cook place in it in a bad state? All these problems have a technological solution and it is called Multicookings. In fact it is a small factory producing homemade food. You can only buy the products, install the program and click the Start button, and the rest - a trick. But do not count on the help of this wonderful cook, if the top of your culinary skills - scrambled eggs. In the end, even the most intelligent robots do only what they have been taught, we, ordinary people.

Favorite TV shows and books, favorite games, favorite magazines subscription, music, as well as all the features of a full-fledged computer, but in a compact design - yes, we are talking about the tablet. This gadget does not take up much space, looks stylish, runs long without recharging and is ideal for those who love freedom and sets the rules. Tablets have apps and programs for all occasions, for example, such a useful application as a "Sun Coach" by Oriflame.

Phone with two SIM cards can be more useful than you think. It will save money if you use your smartphone for internet and calls - you just need to purchase a SIM card with different rates. It will help during travel too: when abroad it is sufficient to establish a local SIM card. The second SIM card is irreplaceable, if you decide to open a business and you need a separate room for customers to communicate.

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Words by: Photographs by: Blaise Reuterswärd