Lip sensation blogger challenge

6 Bloggers from the furthest reaches of the globe tried out The ONE’s Lip Sensation Matte Mousse – check out their style secrets and how they wore it!

Alexandra Ivanisevic, MexAlex:
Wearing: Toffee Cream

“I don't have very big lips so I feel like the matte effect is perfect for me. I don't know why, but it makes my lips feel bigger! I will be letting my lips get all the attention, wearing them with natural makeup and a simple outfit – the matte effect is awesome, which is why it should be the centre of attention. I’ll be keeping it simple.”

Natasha Ngan, Girl in the Lens
Wearing: Coral Dream

“Matte makeup always has such a luxe feel, whilst still being great for everyday wear. It has that effortlessly sexy vibe. If I'm going for a matte lip, I keep the rest of my make up simple - a flick of eyeliner and a touch of bronzer is enough! I also like wearing it with my hair tied back to bring even more attention to the lipstick. In the daytime I pair it with a simple white shirt and boyfriend jeans combo to keep the vibe casual but with a touch of elegance - a pair of heels completes the style! In the evening I like to play up the colour of my lipstick with a matching dress - there's something so vibrant about a coral lip with a coral dress, especially in summer.”

"Don't be afraid of lipstick. You shouldn't fear being fantastic and feeling wonderful!"

Victoria Moiseeva, Koffka the Cat
Wearing: Boysenberry

"This trendy and super-versatile lipstick shade blends perfectly with any skin tone - from very light to dark! The burgundy colour looks really pretty with the mousse texture and velvety matte finish, which is why I wanted to create this Goth-inspired look. To do it, I left eyes and brows as natural as I could – it reminds me of velvety rose petals."

Adela Mazankova, The Aesthet
Wearing: Toffee Cream

“I like au natural makeup, and as you can probably see from my photos, I stick to natural earthy and basic colours in my closet as well. I fell in love with the nude shade of the Lip Sensation Toffee cream and the fact that it’s matte, because it works a little like foundation - just for my lips. It's fresh and the consistency is very light and not sticky at all, yet it lasts very long – it’s quickly become my daily beauty product! The matte makeup trend goes with everything, day or night, but my spring style looks like this: a mix of white, grey or nude, with lots of little details and layers. I’m currently in love with the (micro)trend of bare shoulders and knots – on everything!”

Fatma Zahi, Street Style Tunisia
Wearing: Coral Dream

“First things first: I’m a lipstick addict. For me, this is THE essential beauty product. When it comes to makeup I’m daring and there’s no limit to the textures and colours I wear, but I confess that matte red lips are my darlings! I wear them day or night, to work or to go out with friends. They’re easy and don’t require must effort, whilst adding a touch of sophistication and giving an instant beauty boost.”

Sofia Novais de Paula, Diario de Batom
Wearing: Red Velvet

“I love wearing leather and this matte lipstick pairs perfectly with it. I like everything about it: how easy it is to apply, the way it fills my lips, the colour and tone, how long it lasts – it suits my personality perfectly. Before I applied it I used a lip pencil to define my lips, applied the Matte Mousse and pressed my lips together. I take my lipstick everywhere and use a makeup remover or wet wipe to remove any excess colour before I reapply. If you’re trying this look for the first time my advice is this: don’t be afraid of lipstick. You shouldn’t fear being fantastic and feeling wonderful!”

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