What they say?

We interviewed two of our digital leaders about their journey with Oriflame – what made them join and how has Oriflame benefitted them. This is what they have to say!

City: Kohima, Nagaland
Age: 20 Years
Title: Senior Director


Q1: Why did you choose Oriflame?
As a student, I wanted to pursue some part-time work that can offer me fun, flexibility and money, and I found Oriflame, a perfect match. Being in Oriflame, I can support my studies as well as get access to world-class beauty products, amazing accessories and the opportunity to travel to different places. Moreover, it gives me a gateway to connect with amazing people and make a difference in their lives.

Q2: Are you able to manage both studies and Oriflame business?
Frankly speaking, my grades never went down. Because of social media, it’s easier for me to find new prospects for business, chat with them and train them online. I work right from the convenience of my hostel room and sometimes from cool cafes of the city and this saves a lot of time for me. 

Q3: How social media and online tools help you in Oriflame business?
Young people particularly students love spending time on social media. I mostly post on Instagram about my daily activities, team, travel, lifestyle and Oriflame. People get attracted to my content and want to do something similar wherein they can study and work part-time. I use ZOOM, which is an online meeting tool, to recruit and train people about Oriflame business. It works great for me!

Q4: What are the other benefits you get working with Oriflame?
Mostly I feel blessed to have met so many amazing people but getting access to word-class beauty and wellness products, attractive accessories like handbags, watches, scarves, etc. is such a motivating factor for me and many young women out there. Moreover, being financially independent is the biggest reward one can ask for. 

Q5: What are your recommendations to other Oriflamians?
I will recommend you to be true to yourself, learn and understand any platform first, before using it, spend some time on it and upgrade yourself. If done right, online business with Oriflame is the best thing that can happen to you & take you to heights. Last but not the least, don't let people's opinions define you, know where you're going and keep trying until you get there.

City: Ludhiana, Punjab
Age: 24 Years
Title: Manager

Q1: Why did you choose Oriflame?
My parents have been working with Oriflame for more than 20 years now. Seeing my parents work & travel together to so many amazing destinations and getting recognised in a grand fashion, motivated me to join Oriflame.

Q2: After your master’s degree, what prompted you to choose Oriflame as a full-time career?
After completing my M.sc in Food Technology, I could have chosen any suitable job, but my thought changed when my parents took me to Paris in 2018 for Oriflame Gold Conference. There I met many happy and ambitious women who have been associated with Oriflame for years. After knowing the kind of income they make, destinations they travel to and mostly how they use social media and online tools to promote their business, I instantly felt excited to be a part of it and chose Oriflame opportunity as a full-time career. 

Q3: How social media and online tools help you in Oriflame business?
Social Media has made it easier to connect with people and talk about yourself & your business in the most effective way. I use Facebook and Instagram to educate people on Skincare, Color Cosmetics and Wellness. When people realize I work online and make money by doing so, they immediately get interested. Well-planned content helps me create a value for my community and followers. I also use ZOOM, an online meeting tool to talk to potential prospects as well as to train my team on online business. 

Q4: What are the other benefits you get working with Oriflame?
People have started identifying and appreciating me for my business and recommendations around Skincare & Wellness. Recently a celebrity magazine, FitLook featured me and it’s all because of my association with Oriflame. Where else would you get such an opportunity? And on top of it, I get time for myself and get to travel around along with attractive monthly income.

Q5: What are your recommendations to other Oriflamians?
You can have any career but the kind of income and flexibility online business with Oriflame offers you, very few jobs can offer. I will recommend understanding Oriflame opportunity and Success Plan first, then using appropriate social media channels to reach out to people and have a proper plan to train and upgrade your team. If you work together, you grow even faster!