Valerie Aflalo’s boho luxe summer style

Meet successful Swedish fashion designer Valerie Aflalo, who recently launched a new accessory collection created exclusively for Oriflame.

“What do I want?” That’s the first question Valerie Aflalo asks herself when she starts working on a new collection. It begins with her own style and always has, ever since she started her own brand in 2005. It’s no wonder the internationally acclaimed former model and mum-of-two is her own muse: accentuated eyes glitter behind a cheeky fringe, perched above high cheekbones and surrounded by velvety skin. Her pretty looks are enhanced by her eclectic boho-chic style. Valerie is a glam version of the girl next door, and she also runs a popular blog on the digital platform of Swedish magazine Damernas Värld. We sat down for a chat with the designer and found out a few of her fashion secrets...

What inspired the new accessory collection you’ve created for Oriflame?
– I wanted a simple tunic you can wear on the beach. I’m a mum myself and like to slip something on when I’m walking around. It’s lovely to be able to sunbathe and just feel relaxed on the beach, or wherever you are.

What’s your best tip for easily updating our summer style? Any must-have pieces?
– Keep it simple. You can use everything in the collection every day during the summer, not just on the beach. If you want to wear the tunic when you go shopping, just throw on a cardigan and a pair of trainers.

Can you wear it with heels for an evening out?
– Absolutely! And I love wearing it with a little jewellery on the beach (Editor’s note: the collection includes a beach bag, a bracelet and a tunic).

What are your summer colours?
– I’m aching for pastels! A lot of pale pinks, from dusty to bright, along with blues from pale blue to china blue mixed with white... I also like pairing graphic black and white with pastels.

Any special makeup style for you?
– I like eyeliner! So, clean makeup with just eyeliner, a dab of pale pink, natural lipstick and a hint of blush. That’s my favourite look. Oh, and a little highlighter to wake up a tired face!

How do you protect your skin from the sun?
– I’m careful, but not overzealous. I like getting a little colour, so I use SPF 20-30 on my face and 20 on my body. For my kids I always use SPF 30-50.

Words by: Photographs by: Pauline Suzor