We had a chat with Oriflame stylist and designer Camille Hägglund about her styling of our latest beauty campaign.

No two days are alike for Camille Hägglund, whose work takes her all over the world. As an Oriflame stylist, she buys and borrows clothes and accessories from press offices, or designs her own and has them made. She gathers influences from everywhere imaginable – including the home front. Folks of a dizzying array of nationalities come together in our Stockholm office; it’s a mad mix Camille really loves.

CamilleStylisteCamille has worked in fashion and advertising in many of the world’s fashion capitals. She’s especially fond of London, where she studied set and costume design at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. We caught up with this chic stylist just as she got back from our latest beauty shoot in South Africa.

What sparked the inspiration behind the styling?
– A bohemian style, which was inspired by Phoebe Philo’s collections for Chloé from the early 2000s. Some of the garments have a watercolour feel to pick up the colours in the campaign.

Describe the collection.
– I went for simple cuts, since the pieces are in vivid prints. It should feel fresh – a wardrobe for the modern, active woman.

What was your work process?
– I wanted a lot of colour and print, since we’ve often used discreet colours and solids in the past. But I didn’t want the clothes to dominate the incredible atmosphere, the vibrant colours and setting in Cape Town. So I centred it around fabrics, colours and prints that harmonised with the setting without getting too busy.

What is your favourite makeup?
– I always start with moisturiser over my whole face. For everyday, I use a BB cream, a little translucent powder and blush on my cheeks. Blush works miracles and instantly makes you look more alert. Then I use a soft kohl pencil to line the entire eye, smudging and blending with an applicator. I finish with a taupe eye shadow and highlight with a lighter beige just under the brows.

Any beauty must-haves?
– A lash curler, a concealer to hide dark circles and flaws, and a moisturising lip balm. 






TRIBAL – This is a theme I think works really well for a summer collection. Fabulous colours, prints, fringes and 3D appliqués are key. Tribal is also a trend that feels fun applied to summer accessories.





METALLICS – I really love the mix of metallics with contrasting materials, such as cashmere.





ARTY – Big brush strokes, splashes of colour, the watercolour theme, spray paint and big, bold pop-art prints feel light and playful.







LUXE SPORT – Not the kind you wear to work up a sweat in the gym, but a much more luxurious and sexier version. It’s relaxed and wearable for the summer.




Words by: Photographs by: Getty Images