Behind the scenes of our romantic beauty looks shoot in South Africa, Oriflame’s editor Sanna Franklin chatted with model Bridgett Valentine about her off-duty style, makeup and hair tips, and favourite products!

Hi Bridget! How was the shoot?
– Great! I love working outside and it’s the perfect temperature here! It’s also nice to discover beautiful new places (Ed. note: we shot in a beautiful rose garden).

What was your favourite look?
– I loved the crown braid look. Very cute!

You’ve lived in London for 5 years now, how’s that?
– It’s a nice and very interesting town and it’s good for work since there are many good photographers and studios there. Before London, I lived in Milan, New York and now I’m in Cape Town for a couple of months.

How were you discovered?
– Before I started people used to stop me to ask if I would like to model for photo shoots because I’m very tall. But I never took them seriously. Then my ex-boyfriend sent my pictures to a modeling agency and that’s how everything started. I was 16 years old.

What’s your off-duty style like?
– It depends. Sometimes I like to dress up and wear pretty dresses, high heels, makeup and fix my hair. But when I’m home I’m all about being comfortable and relaxed. It depends on my mood and where I am, too. If I’m in a summery place I take on a more bohemian style. In London I’m chic and elegant.

Tell us about your beauty regimen?
– I don’t wear too much makeup. But I always use a creamy powder because it’s much better than liquid foundation in my opinion. For castings I wear mascara and lip gloss. For a night out, I wear a lot more makeup.

What’s your favourite hairstyle?
– I like big soft waves. They’re really easy to fix with a hot curler. First I use heat-protecting lotion and styling spray (on dry hair). Then I roll the hair, with my curler angled vertically, for a few seconds. Then I release and apply more hair spray.

What do you do in your spare time?
– I love to try wine. I actually don’t drink any alcohol but wine. I even did my Bachelor’s thesis on launching a wine tasting shop: the idea was to offer seminars and tastings. My boyfriend is Italian so that’s probably where my interest came from.



From: Germany
Family: Boyfriend
Diet: Vegetarian (since 6 years old)
Can’t-live-without products: Lip balm and creamy powder
Hobbies: Snowboarding, volleyball, and horseback riding


Words by: Sanna Franklin

Words by: Photographs by: Gerrit Olivier