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Oriflame Accessory Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care

How to shine on

Silver and gold plating is a common process within the jewellery business. The usage of different layers of gold and silver on the jewellery determines the thickness of the plating and is measured in micron.

When plated jewellery is exposed to air and chemicals, a natural process called oxidization starts, which oxidizes the plated parts and they appear black after some time. The speed of this process is influenced by a lot of factors like thickness of plating, skin type, humidity of the region you live in, but also how and how often you use as well as how you store your beloved pieces at home.

To keep your items shiny and new Oriflame wants to give you some tips & tricks for you on how to prolong the lifetime of your favorite Oriflame jewellery pieces:

We recommend you to avoid exposing your silver or gold plated jewellery to prolonged contact with water and other liquids, especially salt water, chlorine, perfume, creams and soap.
So, please take off your jewellery pieces before heading into the shower and avoid spraying your favorite fragrance directly on the jewellery.

Oriflameā€™s highest plated jewellery, our exclusive collections, come packed in either a velvet pouch or an exclusive box. When you are not wearing your jewellery, please keep it in the velvet pouch or box provided to protect it from unnecessary wear. Also avoid keeping the jewellery in humid or hot conditions. Tip from Oriflame: find a nice place to store the jewellery outside the bathroom.

We are sure you love your Oriflame jewellery, but from time to time give it some rest, store it safely and you will have more out of it!