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The Great Escape!
Your travel with beauty starts here

Go for your Dreams!

There is no magic formula for success and there is no unique path of success; but every success has a story and our story started with Oriflame in 1997.

Oriflame not only provides world-class skincare, beauty and wellness products to millions of women across the world but it also fulfills 3 major dreams that every person has - Look Great, Make Money and Have Fun. There is no other company or profession or job for that matter that offers all three in one platform. Besides you get the opportunity to travel across the world for conferences on company expenses.

Make Money, Travel Abroad and Fulfill Your Dreams reflecting our commitment to practicing the highest level of business ethics.

Kamini & P. N. Jha
President Director
World Leader No. 6 & Asia Leader No. 1


Crystal Collection Recruitment Campaign


Get to Know Oriflame by purchasing a Starter kit for Rs 299. Avail a rebate of Rs 200 on your first order of Rs 1250 & Above

Explore the Oriflame World for Rs 99 ONLY!!

Validity: 1st -  31st May 2015

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Activity Offer


Place a single order for Rs 2200 and get to choose any 1 set for Rs 99. Instant Redemption

Code Description
25426 HairX TruColor - Intense Brown
 Rs. 799
25425 HairX TruColor - Deep Mahogany Copper
 Rs. 799
Code Description
27568 The One Mirror
Rs. 599
30531 The ONE nail polish
Rs. 299
Code Description
30153 Love Nature Tea Tree Gel Wash
Rs. 329
20548 Soothing Foot Cream
Rs. 299
27670 Optimals Face Blotting Tissues
Rs. 199
Code Description
27568 The One Mirror
Rs. 599
27670 Optimals Face Blotting Tissues
Rs. 199

Please Note:

  • Offer valid from 1st – 31st May 2015
  • Offer not valid in multiples
  • Order value of Rs 2200 is Consultant price (CP) and Full BP order
  • Welcome/Sponsor Program benefit and the price of Rs 99 of any gift set will not be included for the order value of Rs 2200
  • Consultant will need to place a single order of Rs 2200 during the offer period to qualify for the above offer
  • The qualifiers has to enter the code of the desired set in the Special order section along with the order of Rs 2200


Stitch-In Flyer


Get Them Now - Before They're Gone!

These fabulous products are all end-of-line, so this is your only chance to grab yours before they're gone. While stock last.

Validity: 1st - 31st May, 2015

Please Note:

  • Offer valid till stocks last

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  • Nutrishake
    Delicious and healthy vegetarian shake containing a blend of proteins, low GI carbohydrates, and fibre. Natural ingredients provide optimal nutrition and protein, fibre and slow carbohydrates help satisfy hunger and cravings. Formulated and developed in Sweden.
    Nutrishake Natural Strawberry Flavour 28 Servings - 26850
    Nutrishake Natural Vanilla Flavour 28 Servings - 26851
    Nutrishake Natural Mango-Banana Flavour 28 Servings - 27232

SUBSCRIBE - and feel great for less!  

How to subscribe to your favourite products:

  1. Choose your Wellness Nutrishake flavour from 1st month.
  2. Continue to buy Welness Nutrishake from 2nd and 3rd month
  3. Get the 4th pack for FREE instantly along with your 3rd order in 3rd month

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Other Wellness Products

  • Omega 3
    High quality natural fish oil containing omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA for beauty and health. Studies show that Omega 3 supports brain function, cardiovascular health, help smoothen skin and increases its moisture levels. 30 days supply. 60 capsules.
    Code: 15397
  • Nutrisoup Tomato & Basil 14 Servings
    A healthy, delicious and 100% natural vegetarian soup containing three protein sources for optimal nutrition and satiety. Low fat recipe with healthy rape seed oil.
    Directors: mix two table spoons (28 g) of the powder with 220 ml of hot (boiling) water and stir until smooth. Contains 14 servings. 400 g.
    Code: 28525


Business Class May 2015

On completion of 300 BP in April 2015

  • Get any 2 products at 40% from May 2015 catalogue; can be availed in any single order placed over the handling fee limit, that is, Rs. 1250/-
  • Try the new
    • The ONE Kajal Eye Liner - Smokey Charcoal (30886)
    • Possess EDP (30886) 
    Launching in June 2015 from 15th May 2015
  • Get Children Day Pack of 100 (Code: 565549) for Rs 205 only or Facial Coupon Pack of 100 (code: 565862) for Rs 205
  • Offer valid in Multiples


Business Class June 2015

On completion of 150 BP in May 2015

  • Get any 2 product at 40% from June 2015 catalogue; can be availed in any single order placed over the handling fee limit, that is, Rs. 1250/-
  • Try the new
    • Love Nature Neem Extract Face Wash (Code: 32041)
    • - SkinPro Cleansing System (Code: 27740
    Launching in June 2015 from 15th June 2015
  • Get Health & Beauty Invite (Code: 565961) for Rs 20 only or CAF (pack of 25 code:565773) for Rs 80 or Name Bank Spiral (code: 565300) for Rs 50
  • Offer valid in Multiples


Important Information

  • Catalogue period end 31st May, Sunday
    • Last token will be issued till 2:00 PM (except Jaipur, Hyderabad, Ranchi , Bhubneshwar & Shillong)
    • Sale for (Jaipur, Hyderabad, Ranchi,  Bhubneshwar & Shillong) will stop at 2:00 PM on the last day of catalogue
    • Online processing will stop at 7:00 PM for all modes – Immediate, Courier, SPO, and Stock Point Online order processing will start from 7:00 AM on 1st June 2015, Monday
  • Last day COD 30th May 2015, Saturday
  • 1st day of Catalogue month will open ONLY for SPO, Stock Points and online ordering from 7:00 AM onwards.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below is the link of answers to questions we hear often. Please speak to your local Oriflame branch for more details about how Oriflame works.

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April - June 2015

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