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Oriflame Subscription Tutorial

Subscription is a powerful mechanism to promote loyalty and consistent activity level in your network. Subscription offers products at great price point and offers convenience of getting products regularly. It is extremely important to understand the ‘How to create a subscription’. This tutorial introduces all the features that you will use to subscribe product.



Create new subscription
You want to create a new subscription and want to avail the subscription benefits
Tutorial Length: 2:22


Edit your existing subscription
You already have a subscription and want to change shade/ flavour of your subscription
Tutorial Length: 1:21

Change shade/flavor from shopping page
You already enter product code and your subscription product is auto dropped in your shopping cart and you want to change it some other shade/flavor
Tutorial Length: 0:31
View existing subscription
You want to view your existing subscription(s) details 
Tutorial Length: 0:54
Edit existing subscription
You want to edit your existing subscription(s) details 
Tutorial Length: 1:21
Convert manually entered product into subscription
You want to check your existing subscription(s) details
Tutorial Length: 0:35
Cancel your subscription    
You have subscribed and you want to cancel it. 
Tutorial Length: 0:98